Sadr suicide of government: you lose you from evidence involved bombings
Published on: Today
, 15:04
BAGHDAD / Sky Press:
He said the cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, on Monday, a lot of politicians profiting from bombings to prove on their chairs, as called for the Iraqi people that rise up one hand in order to live a well-off life safe and stable, he noted that the government is resigned to the bombings.

Sadr said in replying to a question by one of his followers about the bombings that struck the Karrada yesterday zone Sunday and claimed the lives of dozens of dead and wounded, "It is not the religion of the Iraqi people to stand for the humiliation and shame and would not give in to terrorism and terrorists, or be subject to corruption and the corrupt, it is the people preciously ever stops honorable witnessing her friend and foe, "adding that" the bombings has not ended and will not end because so many politicians benefit of his chair and prove it. "

He said al-Sadr, said that "only one who can end it is the people's voice rumbling to remove corrupt nightmare for this country wounded," calling that "rise up one hand in order to live well and safe and stable life."

Addressing the chest of the people said, "should be your motto, which Ttbakouna will not kneel only to God and crying to us humiliation and Khsoua after he learned that God does not change people until they change what is in themselves, the not changed will Astzafkm terrorism and corruption that still gnaws at your flesh and Eshettkm through Azlalkm looted your wealth and play on political and sectarian ugly gut. "+

He continued, "The government has become resigned to the bombings and it does not only wash blood after the bombing to go all the evidence touches them or those who led," demanding that "do not go blood in vain without reproach, account or accounting professionals who gods their chairs and their money from you."

He drew the chest that "the people demand the resignation of all defaulters of ministers and what is the highest and is the lowest of the corrupt and those who are NATO enjoy security and safety, as well as remove all the minor and shorted as We Aqlna everyone is follow us whether remiss or not to open the way we did national government offers an honest general interests of their own. "