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Examine a number of specialists in economic affairs in the public and private sectors, ways of enhancing the national economy through research in fast-action real action toward the multiplicity of economic resources and the dimensions of the national economy for the rentier status that accompanies it for decades.

Ibrahim Baghdadi, head of the Iraqi Economic Council accept it during a seminar held by his council most important activities, and stop when you see the Council on the multiplicity of financial resources of the state, which demanded the need for collective action to activate the industrial and agricultural domestic production, also focused vision of the Council on the need to activate a true partnership with the private sector and accelerate the process of privatization everyone is afraid to speak it, there must be the will of the government and the parliamentary and courageous decisions in order to convert and sell government laboratories and factories losing to the private sector to be profitable institutions contribute in supplying the product nationally and output.

Baghdadi said that the other axis of the multiplicity of resources is to reform the tax system, which is one of the most important mechanisms that if Manfzt been repaired, it will contribute effectively to support and stimulate the Iraqi economy to the fact that banks such as the blood that flows in all the veins of the body in addition to the need for interest on loans and advances reduced banking.

Dr. Adel Abdul-Mahdi, speaking at the seminar, saying: You must make a significant leap in the national labor market, warning of the importance of the private sector, which should be seen as Nada and not a follower of the public sector, also focused on the role of banks in stimulating the economy and its leading role in the development, indicating the importance educate and encourage the process of saving and re-lending the benefits of simple, even if the state shouldered part of these benefits in order to activate certain sectors and must be given the role of the private sector and deal with him as a partner in the economic construction.

The d. On the Keywords central bank governor addressed the role of the Central Bank of Iraq in moving the economy and the creation of economic and financial balance and the theme of government bonds, pointing out that the interest that has been given to the arrears of the government were not fair and it must be the interest, up to 12 percent, but the government has given only 5 percent in the case of bond discount for the purpose of turning them into cash at banks, the bondholder will lose only 5 percent.

Turning to the 92 percent of the budget is from oil revenues, and only 8 percent of the rest of the other local economic resources and sustainable balance requires that there be a balance between revenue and earnings in this case, the only 8 percent is sustainable resources.

Economist Alaa Zebra praised the direct discussions of the private sector with government representatives and their role in the creation of effective treatments for most of the problems that bedevil the labor market in Iraq, especially since all the parties secured the role of the private sector in the Iraqi economy, administration and located it the biggest job in the management of all production and service joints.

He pointed out that the private sector has the keys to economic development and needs to be practical cooperation with government agencies to move in the direction you achieve the economic viability of the country through the idyllic environment provides to work away from the complexity and bureaucracy that drains his efforts.

He spoke MP Abdul Karim al-Naqib about the need to support the private sector because of its important role by moving the wheel of production and promotion Bmphasalha in all fields of production and service, especially that Iraq has the potential of economic advancement of the President and of natural resources and human wealth that can be used to achieve the goals of sustainable development.

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