High Nassif demanding Abadi quit all party political fiefdoms in parts of Baghdad , against the backdrop of the massacre of Karrada

It demanded an MP for the high Nassif Reform Front, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to end and dismantle all partisan political fiefdoms in areas of Baghdad's Karrada against the backdrop of the massacre, calling for executions of Arab prisoners accused of terrorism issues.
Said in a statement quoted by its press office obtained by N. news reporting on its version today: "The Baghdad areas with fiefdoms partisan political full presidential hubs such and Jadriyah, Karrada Street princesses and Mansour, etc., and these fiefdoms of Atdechlha security authorities freely to exercise their security tasks which often do not know what is going where basically, and thus get the terrorist attacks and booby-trapping and mass killing, as happened recently in the Karrada explosions, which was a real massacre of many innocent people and some are still missing. "
She explained: "The prime minister today before a difficult test-taker if he wants to successfully he must begin to dismantle these fiefdoms and an end to the hegemony of the dominant political parties by the end of this bloody era and preserving the lives of citizens."
It continued: "already warned us during the liberation of Fallujah acceptance battles politicians bail for people who are not sure of the lack of security indicators on them, and as a result of political government Jammelt who guaranteed the people, some suspected of links Bdaash, while should the competent security authorities with the task of investigating the persons and reservation them for a period instead of the recommendations from the politicians. "
She stressed Nassif on: "the need for the execution of all Arab and foreign prisoners accused of terrorism issues to be a lesson to all terrorist tempted to enter Iraq to carry out terrorist crimes against civilians, and to teach the countries that export terrorism to Iraq a hard lesson when we send them the bodies of the terrorists in the boxes."
She added: "we pray to God Almighty to grant the soul of our martyrs in the Gardens of Eternity, and inspire their families patience and fortitude, and Yemen for a speedy recovery to the wounded, he listens and responds."