Agriculture carrying three ministries responsible for entering "forbidden goods"

Baghdad / long - Presse
Carried the Ministry of Agriculture, on Saturday, interior, commerce and finance ministries responsible for the presence of fruit and vegetables a foreign "forbidden" in the local market, and confirmed it seeks to convince its counterpart in the Kurdistan region of commitment to the application of the decision to ban the import of available agricultural products locally, while the likely possibility of extending the import ban soon to include four articles after new agricultural self-sufficiency of them.
He said the technical agent for the Ministry of Agriculture Mahdi al-Qaisi, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The ministry banned 12 Single of fruits and vegetables from entering Iraq as a result of the abundance of locally produced," noting that "the procedure was the prerogative of the Supreme Economic Committee in the government, but became the validity of the Minister of Agriculture is currently. "
He said al-Qaisi, that "The ministry addresses the internal and the Ministries of Finance and Commerce at preventing the introduction of any kind of fruit and vegetables for the country, being so concerned," noting that the "authorities are supposed to step in and take appropriate action in the event of any breach of the ban, because the Ministry of Agriculture does not have the right her legally intervene to confiscate the prohibited substances. "
And on the source of the entry of these fruits and vegetables are prohibited, confirmed al-Qaisi, that "the Kurdistan region did not abide prevention issued by the central government, so are some of the vocabulary entry across the region outlets up to the rest of the provinces," pointing out that "the ministry addressed its counterpart in the government of the region to demonstrate their point its consideration of this matter. "
He said al-Qaisi, that "some enters the forbidden fruit and vegetables through channels other routes difficult to detect," he returned to "the existence of vegetables and fruits that are blocked on the market negatively affects the domestic like product."
Qaisi pointed out, that "the ministry sometimes agree to import agricultural products and a few rationed quantities to cover the shortfall domestic product and provide consumers need," stressing the determination of "the ministry achieve self-sufficiency efforts of peasants and farmers and to support the government, because food security will be achieved only local products."
He Qaisi, hoped to "soon achieve self-sufficiency in four agricultural products are potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant," attributing it to "cultivate large tracts excellent varieties of them in several provinces."
The Ministry of Agriculture, announced (24 May 2016), preventing the importation of sophistication and watermelon, attributed to the local production, which can bring self-sufficiency to protect them.
The Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture called for in the (14th March 2016), to protect the agricultural product and the control on imported vegetables in the country, while stressed the need for coordination between border crossing points and the Finance Ministry on the customs tariff, the General Union Cooperative Society peasant confirmed, that the peasants have suffered through the last two years of heavy losses due to lack of sufficient government action to protect the local product.