The reshuffle enters the unknown .. blocks suggest the survival of the government Abadi unchanged

2016-07-03 00:01:42 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

It does not have the political forces confirmation yet if the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi will continue in the process of ministerial change, or spend the remainder of his booth , which complained of which five months ago.

The Prime Minister took the decision to conduct the first amendment to the government 11 months ago and reduced from 33 to 22. The Ministry then returned to the calls changed in March. It continues 9 ministers provincial government Abadi objection to the amendment and procedures.

After the Federal Court decision, which brought the situation to the pre - Abadi II reforms, the Prime Minister said that he does not mind working again with the five ministers who sacked in April, and returned by the court last week.

Ebadi said, during a meeting with a number of media representatives, last Wednesday, "I respect the decision of the Federal Court ... , " saying he was "waiting for the legal aspects of the decision as to whether or includes all the ministers who have been voting for them only."

The Prime Minister expressed his readiness to deal with any minister , whether they are Owaljadded veterans who have returned after the Federal Court decision, pointing out that " the government reshuffle is a small part of the reform in order to bring new blood." He said that "conflicts that have taken place in the House of Representatives are caused by accumulated issues in parliament and not a government decision on the government amendment."

The political parties have threatened the prime minister, by his response to the decision of the Federal Court, the "dismissal", this time, if they failed to achieve reform or gave unconvincing government for all.

The party vowed to Parliament, from my team , "legitimacy" and "reform," the three presidencies surprises "unexpected", after the resumption of meetings of the Council in July.

The fate of cabinet reshuffle

As the responses to the recent decision of the Federal Court, deputies from the "reform" team that the prime minister "forgot the change of government" sees, and is convinced that their quotas in the government and the political blocs.

MP says Messenger Abu Hasna, a member of the front, said that " the political blocs did not respond to talk about Abadi minister, so I will not speak one after that for the government reshuffle."

He said Abu Hasna, saying that "things are going now beginning to calm after the abolition of the judiciary sessions last April, and it will remain unchanged until new elections."

And still "reform front" insists on the dismissal of the parliament speaker Salim al - Jubouri, as well Abu confirms the existence of a drive to collect signatures for the dismissal of al - Jubouri, because he "failed in parliament management."

And denounced the front, recently, the positions of President of the Parliament , which she described as "irresponsible", arguing that his recent comments "absorbed threats reformist MPs who really exercised constitutionally in the dismissal of the presidency of the parliament."

Front - Jubouri also criticized the decision to lift the immunity of MP high Nassif, saying the decision was "contrary to the constitution and rules of procedure and parliamentary custom followed in dealing with such cases."

Sees Abu Hasna said "speech Sadrists became constricting is also lower than the previous , " and thought, "would not oppose al- Sadr not to continue ministerial amendment, and would accept him as representatives of the current government in Bmasih."

Sadrist opposition

But the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr, recently described the Federal Court decision as "strange and surprising".

Sadr said, in answer to a question about his position on the decision of the Federal Court, said that "this decision behind the political issues behind them some of the beneficiaries of corruption and corrupt and lovers of the third term."

He said al- Sadr that the sufficiency of the five ministers out of the question, calling on the government to complete the reforms as soon as stressing by saying that "all prospective for that."

In the meantime, says MP Majid al - Gharawi, a member of the Liberal bloc, said the bloc "locked dialogues and meetings with parties close to his movement to form an opposition bloc."

Ghraoui asserts that " the planned mass Cklleha will be based on the dismissal of the three presidencies, and a change of government, having despaired of achieving this through the government and the political blocs."

But the Sadrist bloc has not made ​​up its mind to return to the House of Representatives, or continue parliamentary boycott initiated by supporters after the storming of the Green Zone the end of last April.

He says Ghraoui "We have not made ​​a decision on the formation mechanism of the opposition bloc, and will it be in conjunction with the presence of meetings and collecting signatures for this purpose, or whether we continue with the boycott."

It linked the Liberal bloc, during the past few months, she returned to parliament, presented the Prime Minister the list of candidates "technocrats" in one go for a vote before parliament.

It seems that the position of the Liberal bloc came in line with al- Sadr claim, recently, the Iraqi government to resign, threatening to join the voices demanding the resignation of the three presidencies.

The face of al- Sadr calling for the Liberal bloc, earlier, to participate with other parties in the opposition to achieve political reform bloc.

Reforms will not stop

In the meantime , MP Habib Terminal, a spokesman for the bloc citizen, to see Abadi position of his ministers came " out of respect for the decision of the Federal Court , despite violating the latest trends."

Terminal He said, " The federal decision was Mtoazinna , " but he believed that " the modern - Abadi does not mean stop government reshuffle."

Although the terminal says that the change in government is only a small part of the reform, rejected the idea of ministers technocrats at the moment, considering that the "technocrats in normal times, but we are in an exceptional situation today."

And demanding citizen bloc, led by Chairman of the Supreme Council Ammar al - Hakim, the government this time to "put through a careful and deliberate plan for reform." Terminal that is likely street religious authority will seek to continue to push for reform.