Alkhalati: It will be better next legislative term after the decision of the Federal Court
MP said the bloc Hasan Alkhalati that " the next legislative term would be better, after the decision of the Federal Court.
He Alkhalati in a statement singled out by the agency all of Iraq [where] on Saturday that " the legislative term of the past was a good beginning and a lot of laws have been approved, and at the end led political events prudent and of the reforms mechanism to a lot of ironic political differences , which reflected negatively on the political stability and led to substantial differences and divisions within the parliamentary blocs, "adding that" after the Federal Court decision , which is equal to all parties will be legislative term next completely different. "
he expressed hope that" the House of Representatives meets in the same room , "noting that" differences political remain present as in the past and we hope not to be effective and to be a strong relationship and continue the process of reforms. "
He continued by saying , " We hope that the adoption of important laws placed on the House of Representatives table, including the General Amnesty Law of the Federal Supreme Court Act. "
the Federal Court had decided at its Tuesday Irrelevance Bgelsta the House of Representatives on 14 and 26 April.
also considered the court session , which saw the vote on the cabinet reshuffle "unconstitutional" because it was held in an atmosphere contrary to the Constitution. "
the President of the House of Representatives Saleem al - Jubouri, his respect for the court 's decision and that he" came to confirm what I went to him the presidency of the House of Representatives and most of the political blocs of unconstitutional practices by the number of objectors House of Representatives and that any change in the state institutions must be the starting point of the legal and constitutional materials. "
he called al - Jubouri , the first unified parliamentary session in the 12 - month contract July next year. he
also expressed the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi his respect also to the Federal Court decision, saying "I will work with all ministers returning or new , " and that he is not insisting on a change of Ministers and more importantly he has editing city of Mosul and the economic crisis, stressing at the same time on the "return of the council to convene and he was not comfortable with the lack of compatibility. " he
also expressed sitters House of Representatives for" respect "for the court 's decision and that they were not convinced in some of it, stressing Amadehm work as a bloc opposition within parliament and the " quest for the collection of signatures to dismiss al - Jubouri. "