Security forces arrest "Daasha" in Basra


It announced the police directorate in Basra on Saturday, that the strength of Rescue Police arrested a terrorism suspect confessed to belonging to al "Daash" and received training in al-Anbar, as well as spying on the security forces and the popular crowd in the province.

According to the Directorate in a statement seen Agency Nun, news reporting, he said that "the detachment of Rescue Police arrested the required according to Article IV of the anti-terrorism law belongs to the organization Daash terrorist," indicating that "the accused confessed to belonging to the organization since last year, as well as receiving training by the organization in Anbar province before liberation. "

She drew the Directorate within the statement that "the accused was in charge of collecting information on the security authorities and the popular crowd in Basra," adding that "the accused was referred to the Directorate of Intelligence and counter-terrorism to complete the interrogation measures."

The security forces in Basra arrested within the past few years a number of the defendants of belonging to terrorist organizations, most of whom are not from Basra, and the proportion of them have entered the province in displaced from areas controlled by the organization "Daash," The criminal court in the province, sentenced to death on some of them.