The destruction of a convoy of 48 Daasha wheel in the desert west of Baghdad

[Where - Baghdad]
Destroyed military aviation, a convoy of Daash terrorist gangs made up of 48-wheel, in the heading for the desert of Anbar, west of the highway.
He said flags Baghdad Operations Command said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that "the strength of the brigade headquarters 51 was able to monitor the convoy of the enemy by developed the pieces where they were treated by the Army Aviation and the results were, destroying 48 wheel of the enemy and killed them , in the heading for the desert highway west of Baghdad. "
The statement continued that "the battalion band Engineering 17 was able to handle 20 of an explosive device in the vicinity of Baghdad, while managed to force brigade headquarters 22 of the find, launcher RBG7, and machine guns BKC, and pomegranate launcher, within the safe area, north of Baghdad."
He pointed out that "the strength of the brigade 59 and in terms of one of the accused, managed to find a machine BKC, and machine guns Kalashnikov, containers and equipment number 4, within five village, north of Baghdad," adding that "the strength of the second regiment of the brigade 55 was able to find an explosive bomb number two, and number two pomegranate launcher, mortar and 14, within the area of ​​al-Amaya, south of Baghdad. "
He added that "the strength of the first regiment of the brigade and five federal police after receiving intelligence information managed to ambush a gang who abducted a citizen, where he was editor of the kidnapped and arrested the kidnappers within the fourth police district."
He concluded that "the strength of the first regiment of the brigade 54 and after the ambush managed to capture a gang of seven people for trying to kidnap one of the citizens, within the university district area, as well as the arrest of the wanted according to various legal materials in the past 24 hours in different areas of the capital Baghdad. Department of Information and moral guidance Baghdad operations command. "