Agriculture did not give any official approval to enter the imported dates

[Where - Exclusive]
The Ministry of Agriculture, not given any formal approval to enter the dates imported from outside the country.
He said technical agent of the Ministry, Mehdi ligature Qaisi, told all of Iraq [where] that "the dates are prohibited to import at all and nothing in the Ministry of Agriculture plans to allow the import of dates, because the palm most of the neighboring countries infected insect [red weevil and these do not exist in Iraq so We fear their transition to the palm. "
He added that "Iraq is a country of dates, and has more than 500 kinds of dates, a distinctive and Iraq does not want to insert dates from neighboring countries, so that local does not compete dates, noting that" the export of dates exist and play either the public in the company for the manufacture and marketing of dates or the private sector General, adding that "the ministry did not Tnmah any approval or vacation for entry dates from outside the country."
And it invaded the markets during the month of Ramadan, which is characterized by Broaj merchandise sale dates, various kinds imported from neighboring countries with the absence of a domestic product despite the issue of Iraq on these countries produce it, let alone the quality of Iraqi dates.