Plenty of interest in Wasit markets ahead of Eid , despite rising prices and claims to strengthen control measures

Long-Presse / Wasit
See stores that sell clothes and cosmetics in Wasit province, a high turnout with the Eid al-Fitr approaches in spite of rising prices, while women are more inclined to purchase, he demanded shop owners in the city of Kut markets to strengthen supervision of local markets, supporting domestic product measures. He said one of the owners of shops large clothing in the city of Kut Jaafar Abdul Hadi, in an interview with (long-Presse), "The local market is witnessing these days active movement in the shopping private sale of clothing of various kinds markets in the framework of preparation for the Eid al-Fitr." He said Abdul Hadi, that "the movement of the market seemed unusual these days as the demand for special clothing that recorded the highest sales of purchase and in particular women's and children's clothing rose", stressing that "this buying spree is also accompanied by an increase in clothing prices of various kinds, after raising the price of before the sale wholesalers in Baghdad. " For his part, the owner of another shop to sell clothes Amjad Ali affectionate said, that "shopping movement seemed unusual these days in spite of the difficult financial and economic conditions faced by the country and the extent of its impact on society in general," noting that "paydays issue punctually at the appropriate time before the feast of the increased desire of families in the shopping and buy clothes for their children especially children from them. " He pointed affectionate, in an interview to) long-Presse), that "the security aspect in the province and witnessed the complete stability is an incentive for families arriving in night markets in conjunction with the high temperatures during the day," pointing out that "the turnout of women on the markets and buy holiday kits At the forefront of clothing is a prominent shopping movement taking place in the province of the mark. " In its turn, said citizenship Um Ahmed, one of Almtdat, in an interview with (long-Presse), said that "al-Waasitiyyah families are flocking daily and dramatically on the commercial market, especially in clothing, which is witnessing significant momentum markets, particularly those that specializes in the sale of children's clothing and women's clothing and defects," stressing "what can be seen is the big jump in prices, and to all forms of clothing, especially that some of them rose to weakness without that there will be control of the market."