Our economy ... Landmark

7/2/2016 0:00

Thamer Alheims
How many were very beautiful that they are up economic road map to the educated elite through economic Faris Al Salman, head of Baghdad's forum, in Rbaith published in the Economic page of the newspaper «morning» to put at least Almthabat and illuminations, which owns power and conviction so as not shaken by factional interests or economic agendas internal or external.

So, the Quartet (the paper) to aim the stone in the pond recession and the current deadlock. Political and cultural Valmsogat to the economy of a social identity to the economy as long as the theater and laboratory experiments did not notify mostly, at least regionally, acceptance or success, whether socialist or liberal experiment open.

Anaftahi economy

As we have seen here in the two trials of a centralized economy has succeeded in some of the joints it did not extend to the social elements and offset by the receipt of bureaucracy to Alanaftahi economy afterwards. But our experience almost in line with the mentioned experiment, it was nationalizations in 1964 and the ensuing different addresses form also to lead to highly centralized and intractable to put us immediately after the (2003) in front of chaos and randomness as the free economy, at which time he left most of the patrons to retreat to the edges of socialist democracy and leadership historical.

Economic balance

Thus, in the economies of the Scandinavian countries to thrive and middle class to provide the basic needs of the people and guarantees a healthy, social and cultural all segments of society. Fterkibh Iraqi rentier economy put us away from the experience of a free economy and hidden hand of the competition, as preached by Adam Smith (that restore economic balance) and therefore social, were faced with crises and cycles traditional free market economy paid for still, Valraa oil put our economy at stake, as manifested itself after falling prices oil, as well as agricultural and industrial economy does not constitute produced only 5 percent of the national output.

international trade

Making the Iraqi and Arab land that Tkona arena of international trade (import) investment flows from western countries and the United States were trade (export) accounts for 84 percent of total flows to Arab countries and Industry 6 percent and the rest of the activities 9 percent and agriculture 1 percent.

There is no doubt that the agricultural and industrial middle class and her maid third sector Klojcetk were absent during the experiments above in favor of Logistic regional and international relationship did not reach the bottom of society nor to the social or economic middle class leading historically.

So be Deuteronomy quad economic head of Baghdad forum maiden and a hub for conferences and seminars to put an end to disperse in the economic visions in order not to pay the price the Iraqi economy inspissated injured crises and various kinds and so we put the foundation stone of economic identity and a road map in the tunnel do not want him to Eetmd more through dimensions landmarks Do not ignore any Iraqi economic or political reform he wants.