Abadi adviser: Iraq is investing $ 21 billion in the energy sector during 2016
17:12 pm (Baghdad time)
Baghdad balances News
Prime Minister for the fiscal policy adviser said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, on Friday, the government's investment in the energy sector amounted to about $ 21 billion during the current year 2016.
Saleh added in a press statement, that "the oil investment has developed in Iraq during the current year, especially in the central and southern regions of the country, oil exports have now reached the ceiling specified in the 2016 budget by 3.6 million barrels per day."
He said, "The total government investment in the energy sector currently stands at about $ 21 billion and constitute 13% of the size of gross domestic product, in addition to private-sector, which accounts for about 8% of the gross domestic product investments."
"The current oil production volume in the whole of Iraq amounted to 4 million barrels of oil per day, while exports amounted to 3.6 million barrels per day, which led to large amounts Maahklh raise the proportion of energy profile of the country's gross domestic product."
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