Parliamentary Economy: edit Mosul will stimulate investment and the private sector in the country
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} According to a member of the Committee on the economy and investment representative, full Ghurairy liberating Mosul from terrorists Conception will be a prelude to stimulate investment and the private sector in the country.
He Ghurairy told {Euphrates News} said Friday that " the new investment law , which was voted on earlier gives freedom to open itself to all foreign companies , but this openness is linked to the security situation."
He added that "there are some companies had agreed with the board of investment to open factories idle Today We are under the security situation does not allow for the entry of foreign companies to Iraq. "
He said the " foreign companies have a state of fear of the security situation in the country and when it settles will open the doors for the entry of these companies to serve Iraq , ".anthy