[Oan- follow-up]
Saudi media said that authorities will offer electronic bracelets identifying the pilgrims from the pilgrimage season this year as part of new safety measures after a year of the occurrence of the worst disaster in the pilgrimage season in nearly thirty years.
The wristbands will contain personal and medical information about the holder and will help the authorities to provide care for pilgrims and identify them.
The wristbands will learn water-resistant and connected Global Positioning System [Ja.ba.as] pilgrims Bmwaqat prayer and aid them from reaching the office provides services in several languages ​​to introduce them Bmnask pilgrimage.
The last pilgrimage season has witnessed the death of hundreds of pilgrims due to the fall of a giant crane in a project to expand the Grand Mosque and the days after the incident the big stampede in Mina.
And entered into the upper body of the Hajj Iraqi and Umrah on 23 June last agreement with the National Insurance Company to insure the life of every Iraqi pilgrims who will perform Hajj this year, an amount of $ twenty million dinars, anticipation and occasional emergency incidents that might be exposed to during their performance of Hajj pilgrims. "
Risks covered and be within the insurance coverage is the [natural death, death due to accidents, permanent partial disability caused by accidents such as roads, cars, fire and accidents during the stampede that occurs during the performance of rituals and the fall of the stuff and other accidents that may occur during the hajj season]. "