[Oan- Baghdad]
Gold prices were recorded in Iraq, on Friday morning, rise, the price of Thursday evening.
The price of gold reached this morning in Iraq, the Iraqi dinar currency to the weight per carat gold [21] - which is the best-selling in the markets for Local 228 thousand and 410 dinars, after it was yesterday 219 thousand dinars to the weight of the same.
The average price of a gram of gold today in Iraq, the Iraqi dinar currency as shown in the following table:

It is said that one whit of gold = 5 grams approx.
And stops rising gold prices today or decline to two main factors, namely the price of a barrel of oil and the price of the dollar, the higher the price of a barrel of oil rose with the price of gold and as the US dollar weakened the more the price of gold, and the changes the other side in the political life such as war leads to high price gold.
The Central Bank of Iraq, announced that since September 2015, Mbacherth offering different weights alloy of gold for sale to the citizens "to support financial liquidity" because of the financial crisis in Iraq.