Long-Presse / Baghdad
Accused the Front of parliamentary reform, Friday, House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, exploiting his position to blackmail and delaying the replacement of many of the House of Representatives, and as pointed out embarking collect signatures to sack him and hold him accountable, revealed raise Jubouri immunity of high Nassif MP "contrary to the constitution." Front said in a statement received (long-Presse) a copy of it, that "at a time when stresses reform front to move its project reformist and attend the upcoming hearings for the continuation of the work of the House of Representatives and took active role in the oversight and legislation and reform of all state institutions deplores strongly the actions of Saleem al-Jubouri of irresponsible his comments, which absorbed threats reformist MPs who really exercised constitutionally dismiss the chairman of the parliament. " The statement added that "what happened on the do-Jubouri lift the immunity of high Nassif MP contrary to the constitution and rules of procedure and custom Parliamentary followed in dealing in such cases," noting that "al-Jubouri was one of the deputies of the Supreme Judicial Council called for the lifting of their immunity in the previous parliamentary session on charges terrorism issues and did not put the subject of lifting his immunity. " The statement pointed out that "al-Jubouri, took advantage of his duties as head of the House of Representatives in extortion and delay the replacement of many of the deputies to the interests of narrow partisan," pointing out that "the Federal Court decided on more than one occasion that he violated the constitution and rules of procedure of the House of Representatives in many decisions, including the membership of some lawmakers to end that the court has decided to bring them back. " Front and it showed according to the statement that it "is considering sacking Jubouri option without his two deputies," saying it "will begin to gather the necessary and hold him accountable for his dismissal signatures included with the constitutional and legal violations during the period of administration of the House of Representatives."