Rasheed Bank is seeking to expand its branches and the application of the banking system

Views 32 Date 07/01/2016 - 00:42

Economy News / Baghdad ...

Rasheed Bank director said that the bank is seeking to expand its branches in the governorates and the application of the banking system.

According to a statement of the bank "Economy News" received a copy of "The Director General of the Rasheed Bank and the Agency for the sole Rashad Khudair held a lengthy meeting with aides Director General and directors of departments and heads of units since taking office and discussed with them the issues important to the development of the banking business and themes."

He added that the "good bank manager confirmed many of the recommendations and the most important to strive to apply the universal banking system and expansion through the opening of branches of the bank in the provinces to provide better banking services and to address all the obstacles that hinder the performance to take the bank and clear steps in the banking labor market and thus contribute to boost the economy National to front.

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