Federal Court confirms the independence of the Central Bank of Iraq and the Electoral Commission
11-03-2011|(Voice of Iraq) legal expert:clarified doubts not Baghdad:

The Federal Court said, Iraq's Supreme Court, in clarification sent to Parliament that the judgment in January (January), Central Bank and the Electoral Commission under the supervision of the Government would not affect their independence.

The Government has raised concerns that lead to the concentration of power in the hands of Prime Minister Al-Maliki's government accuses critics that it adopts a holistic approach.Rival political group described the ruling as «coup».According to agency «Reuters», the Court said in clarification sent by Parliament that «supervision does not prejudice the independence of the work of professional independent bodies and administrative and finance».Said:
«Constitution granting them financial and administrative independence to ensure the impartiality and independence of decisions and procedures within their area of competence».

Judge Qasim al aboudi, a spokesman for the Electoral Commission and member of the Board of Commissioners that clarification of Parliament stresses the sender the independence of the two bodies.Said: «frankly say that this latter interpretation or opinion to the Court represents a reversal in its previous decision.This interpretation is consistent with the letter and spirit of the Constitution, which shows clearly the work of these bodies and provided their own laws».

But Hadi Na'im Malki, Professor of international law at Baghdad University, believes that clarification is still uncertain political interference.Said: «the Court said that the Council of Ministers has the right policy to these bodies.But we don't know where to end the policy limits.I think this is a free call to the Council of Ministers to intervene in the work of these bodies».

The Iraqi Constitution stipulates that «watching» Parliament independent bodies.But al-Maliki said, and the Court agreed with what he said, that the Constitution use the vague language in this regard and that these bodies must be subject instead of government supervision.Defended Al-Maliki on the Court's decision and said it would not affect the independence of these bodies.

When judgment in January (January), the Central Bank said that the loss of independence has allowed the Government to seize assets of creditors of the Bank.Bank officials said later that they did not believe that the Court's ruling will cost them their independence.Ahmed said the buehi, Adviser to the Central Bank: «this interpretation has not added anything new ..
.No Federal Court decision nor any other decision issued would rebut the financial independence of Central Bank».He said: «there is a fact that must be emphasized; that the financial independence of the Central Bank is the thing regardless of any decision by the Federal Court.The Prime Minister has no authority to dispose of funds the Central Bank never».

The Parliament said in a statement Thursday that
the Supreme Court made clear what was vague in its resolution.

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