Time magazine: the battle of Fallujah has seen the first strategic agreement between Iran and America


When the Iraqi government announced on Sunday to regain control of the city of Fallujah of militants Daash, it was known that the main obstacle ahead, a process of restoring the city of Mosul regulation Alarhabiy.nasr in Fallujah, insurgents deprived of sending car bombs into Baghdad, the capital, after it was experiencing a series of explosions driven by suicide bombers.

Today Valaaon turn into Mosul and the hopes of restoring from the grip of militants Daash on the grounds that it is an important test of the forces that will lead the process of liberalization of Mosul.

The retake Fallujah, features and promising the most important given how the struggle for the restoration of Mosul, as the final editing process showed calm the competition between Iran and the United States and focuses on cooperation on the elimination of Daash there, although there remains questions about how to re-secure areas of the city, and the possibility of Nazhaha facilitate the return of tens of thousands of civilians who fled the fighting.

Humanly, it sounded the relief agencies alarm about the plight of the ongoing IDPs, who number about 85 thousand civilians living outside the city of Fallujah, after he had to get out of their city by the fighting for the liberation of the city, while others were to drowning as they crossed the Euphrates River, but who were able to transit , now stuck under the scorching heat of summer camps outside the city, with limited supplies of food, water and medicine.

Carl Himbra, a spokesman for the Norwegian Refugee Council, a relief organization leader, says "we struggled to deal with Fallujah was God Bonna on the connector, because we are at the present time can not imagine circumstances in Mosul, nor any agency relief can say it is ready for the task of editing Mosul humanly and Agathia. "
Among the many challenges facing the Iraqi authorities, to prevent militants from infiltrating Daash territory under the control of the government, and this may occur due out armed terrorists with civilians fleeing the cities.

And claims by Human Rights Watch, it has evidence that pro-government forces tortured and arrested more than a dozen civilians moment they came out of the city of Fallujah.

In Fallujah, too, military commanders have focused on the positive signs after the restoration of the city a short duration of no more than five weeks. Lost the battle quickly ended and faster than expected after they abandoned the militants Daash city very quickly, while the observers, fearful of a repeat of urban warfare, such as those held in Fallujah during the US-led invasion, where Ashpetkt US forces with the rebels in 2004, as it considered the United States this battle of the bloodiest for her.

Analysts say that the fight for Fallujah example of a high coordination between the competing forces, including US-trained forces on the one hand, the Shiite armed groups on the other.

It was seen for the first time strategic agreements on the liberalization of Fallujah, as well as the federal police and special forces and armed Shiite groups the role of those who participated in the fighting on Daash harmonious and amazing way.

Coordination during the battle on Daash, also showed that the Iranian-backed forces deployed on the outskirts of the northwest of the city, while the forces of US-backed remained present in the south, as we can say: There is a kind of understanding between the two parties.

In Mosul, the task seems difficult, political Valghaz more complicated, as it is expected to take the Iraqi army and US forces accompanying the army of the Shiite armed groups have different roles, not to mention the complexity that surrounds Mosul especially it overlooks the three fronts, the most important aspect which is supervised by Kurdish forces that do not relate It does not respond with the center government in Baghdad.

Before the battle of Mosul, on the central government to reach understandings with the Kurdish regional government on the restoration of Mosul process, because the central and provincial leadership has not yet legally set What roles Stalbha Kurdish forces in the Arab city restore process.

Because Mosul is located close to the territory controlled by the Kurds, the state of negotiations on the future of the city will raise sensitive questions about the Kurdish aspirations for greater autonomy or complete independence. Moreover, it will be the restoration of the city of Mosul operation, the largest of the effort made in the liberation of Fallujah process.

With some exceptions, the Kurdish forces dominate the fixed positions at the front line and is awaiting the start of the zero hour. Local officials say, that the restoration of Mosul, the process could begin in a few months from now, at least.