The Ministry of Commerce calls for New Zealand companies to invest in northern and southern Iraq

Published in: 15:32, June 29, 2016

Economy - opinion -
He called Salman Jumaili, Minister of Trade and agency Aluzlnden companies and investors to invest in safe and stable areas in northern, central and southern Iraq, in partnership with the Iraqi private sector or in projects with the Iraqi government for the rehabilitation of infrastructure and building strategic projects.

According to a ministry statement received (Opinion International) copy of it today that "Jumaili met with the New Zealand ambassador in Baghdad James Morneau, stressing the importance of the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the standardization and quality control device belonging to the adoption of the Iraqi specifications of goods exported to Iraq, especially those related to the food items that include meat and dairy in order to avoid to add testing companies. "

"The trade exchange between Iraq and New Zealand, the size is still below the level of ambition and the need for new mechanisms designed to develop business relationships and valued in line with the great humanitarian support provided by New Zealand to Iraq to support the displaced people."

"The victories achieved by the Iraqi army on terrorism and the liberation of the Iraqi cities will make the country more stable and require the other side to make every effort for the reconstruction and stability in those areas."

For his part, Ambassador of New Zealand, according to a statement from his country's full support for Iraq which is locked in a fierce war against terrorism, congratulating the Iraqi government and the Iraqi people on the recent criticism and liberation of Fallujah and other areas, emphasizing pursuit of New Zealand Permanent to develop trade and economic relations with Iraq and the possibility of increasing the volume of trade and economic exchange and to engage with the government Iraqi Iraqi private sector in a real partnership. "

He noted that it "will work to transfer a true picture of the situation in Iraq now, in light of international support for Iraq and the state of stability after the liberation of most Iraqi cities, and the possibility of entering the New Zealand investment companies in the economic projects in Iraq," .anthy