Abadi Office: The government does not stand in any Iraqi wants to fight terrorism

Wednesday, June 29, 2016 - 23:06

A spokesman for Prime Minister Saad al-Hadithi, the press office, "the government said Atagaf generally any Iraqi who wants to gain the honor of contributing to the expulsion of terrorism from the land of Iraq."

A newborn in a statement Wednesday "in the framework of the declaration of the Iraqi government that this year be the year of the deduction in the liberation of the cities and the expulsion of Daash from Iraq,

and after the valiant Iraqi forces were able sacrifices of our fighters generous heroism supervisor and the backing of the Iraqi people Karim sons and under the direct supervision and field management of the Commander in Chief of the forces armed Haider al-Abadi,

said the liberation of the city of Fallujah and save tens of thousands of its citizens from the clutches of terrorism, here are heading to the province of Nineveh to liberate the city of Mosul,

"adding that" our troops began its combat and military operations marching towards Mosul to liberate its people from the control of terrorism, brutal and achieve victory apron on terrorism to expel him from the land of Iraq a final and Add new victory crowned successive victories against Iraq Daash series.

" He added, "The war on terror is a war of all of Iraq and participate in the right of it is the duty of all Iraqis, and he These victories can be achieved without uniting Iraqis and Tsabgahm to meet the call home to defend its territory and protect the land and the liberalization of its cities, and it was the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and the government's position Iraqi steadfast in seeking to rally national effort and mobilization of Iraqi energies into the Iraq war on terror,

"noting that today's fighting forces in all its formations affiliated to the national security of the army and police federal and combat terrorism and to mobilize popular and tribal and local Peshmerga, police and would fight to liberate the province of Nineveh and the restoration of the city of Mosul system Iraqi government by virtue of legal and moral responsibilities and national commitment would be unable to, but the harness the capabilities of each of these military formations and mobilizes energies fighting for the people of Iraq from the south to the north in order to achieve victory over the expeditious on terror,

and by virtue of this responsibility and this commitment, the government is keen on the participation of the various formations in the liberation of Nineveh province, the process will be for each from these formations combat role played by the military mission, which performed according to the requirements of the battle field and in response to requirements and to suit the nature of his abilities and achieve the supreme national interest and to preserve the unity of the Iraqi national front in the war on terror. "

And the newborn that "each forming a participant in the liberation of Mosul would be a direct contribution to the pages of military operations and his active participation pages in the stage of liberation According combat plans developed by the Joint Special Operations Command are to undertake the management of the battles and defining roles in which each form part of the national security system the command and supervision of the commander in chief of the armed forces are subject to ",

he underlined can not be for the government to stand in any Iraqi who wants to gain the honor of contributing to the expulsion of terrorism from the land of Iraq or to deprive him of doing national duty towards Iraq and can not have to forfeit an Iraqi military effort.

He went on saying that "in the framework of preparations to deal with humanitarian issue associated with the liberalization processes of Nineveh, the Iraqi government has already started procedures in this regard for quite some time, where he is preparing to face the big wave of displacement is expected to result from the beginning of military operations in Nineveh province are prepared shelters and relief centers for displaced Mosul and surrounding areas and provide for them the basic needs,

"adding that" the Council of Ministers approved in its recent delivery of food to two thousand families displaced in Nineveh in addition to the fifteen thousand other families displaced from Fallujah. "

"The Iraqi government renewed its call for the international community and humanitarian organizations and relief International to provide help and assistance to Iraq and increase its contribution to support the Iraqi government's efforts to contain the massive numbers of displaced people and to secure their basic needs as a temporary solution to the problem of the displaced as well as support and accelerate the efforts of the Iraqi government to address the problem of displacement address radically through the return of displaced persons to their towns liberated,

which must be preceded by the provision of basic services and secure key needs to achieve stability in these cities and motivate the displaced to return to their homes, and this is what we look forward to be the role of the international community as more effective in proportion to the size of the displacement crisis and the number of cities that the Iraqi government is working the rehabilitated again after the devastation caused by the level of destruction suffered by the infrastructure. "

He concluded by saying that "the Iraqi government calls should not be misled by rumors and news is reliable issued by the unofficial regarding the conduct of military operations, which could adversely affect the great victories achieved by our gallant or the morale of our fighters brave."

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