Parliamentary Culture: The Federal Court decision Media Network, the law does not affect him and are involved with
[Oan- Baghdad]
reduced the Committee on Culture, Media representative, the impact of the decision of the Federal Supreme Court of the Iraqi Media Network Code , " the substance of the law."
The committee member said Xuan Daoudi told all of Iraq [where] "I think that the Federal Court erred in objecting to the number of the Board of Trustees being Since the 2003's nine members and the bill that came from the government of six members of the Committee on Culture and Information parliamentary increased the number to nine for the representation of the Iraqi people political parties and any board of Trustees in the world so shall it be. "
He pointed out that" any board of Trustees of the number of its members individually, not in pairs in order to achieve a majority in voting on decisions , "but he also said that" the court 's decision does not affect the substance of the law and we are involved with and this is what concerns us the number does not hamper in its application. "
he noted Daoudi that" the court 's decision to support the independence of the Iraqi media network , an independent body and be state media, not the government. "
the Federal Supreme Court rejected the first Monday of cases brought to challenge the Iraqi media network Act No. 26 of 2015.
he the official spokesman for the federal judiciary , Abdul Sattar Bayraktar said in a statement received [where] a copy of it, that " the Federal Supreme Court considered the appeal of the Iraqi media network , law suits, and viewed the relevant experts who are engaged by what they based him in the experience report, and found that the appeal on three hubs ".
he pointed out that" the first hub for financial pleura and the changes brought about by the House of Representatives on the project sender law of the Council of Ministers from this side, and found that the House of Representatives he should refer to the Council of Ministers before adding any financial burden on the government makes them incapable of implemented as responsible for the implementation of the budget, including increasing the members of the board of Trustees of six to nine members and the creation of a new regulatory system for the Iraqi media network. "
between," that is not consistent with Article 62 / II of the Constitution and Article [31] of the rules internal and therefore decided to cancel the articles of the law relating to the addition of new burdens on the budget without reference to the Council of Ministers. "
He explained that" the second axis respect to the region of the network link , where the court found that this link related to formulate the general policy of any of the independent bodies and not to interfere in their affairs, the Court found that the Iraqi media network link the House of Representatives is claimed to achieve neutrality and securing the target and therefore the lawsuit received from this side. "
As for the nomination Bayraktar said that" the court found that the nomination should not be in and out of the House of Representatives, but the executive authority pursuant to the provisions of Article 47 ] of the Constitution. "
he added that" the third axis respect to the age of the members of the board of Trustees set by the House of Representatives, the Court found that a legislative option is not there in violation of the Constitution therefore decided to dismiss the claim as far as this axis , "adding," The court decided to dismiss the claim filed the President of the Republic about the law of non - adversarial approach. "