[Oan- Baghdad]
decision of the Federal Supreme Court of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Bloc, said that in the case of Parliament will restore the House of Representatives to normal.
The MP said Xuan Daoudi bloc told all of Iraq [where] that " the sessions of Parliament on 14 and 26 April , they dust and foggy and it is logical deletion , being the Thompsan interests of the people and under the resolution has been canceled reshuffle and stabbed protesters House of Representatives and this is what will make us go back to square one and back sessions parliament as it was before the sit of Representatives. "
he called on " everyone to abide by the decision of the Federal Court , and I think everyone will return to the parliament and look differences within the dome in accordance with the constitutional and legal contexts. "
the Federal Court had decided at its Tuesday Irrelevance Bgelsta the House [ of Representatives of the protesters] daily 14 and 26 of April.
the court also considered the parliament session on April 26 , which saw the vote on the reshuffle "is unconstitutional because it was held in an atmosphere contrary to the Constitution."
the President of the House of Representatives Saleem al - Jubouri, his respect for the decision of the Federal Court and that he "came to confirm what I went to him presidency of the Council of Representatives and most of the political blocs of unconstitutional practices by the number of objectors House of Representatives and that any change in the state institutions must be the starting point of the legal and constitutional materials. "
The al - Jubouri, said : " this decision does not fall his legal right to resume the establishment of criminal proceedings against the cause of sabotaging public money and shading of justice or of posing as an official status is not law , "declaring" the uniform of the parliamentary session in 12 of the next month of July.
For their part , said the protestors of Representatives that they respect the court 's decision, although they were "unconvinced Bklh" stressing "they continue to dismiss Jubouri. "