Long-Presse / Baghdad
Defense Ministry announced on Wednesday, the liberation of the junction Sharqat, north of Salah al-Din (170 km north of Baghdad), as indicated to secure the road link between the judicial Peggy Sharqat leading to the Nineveh province (405 km) north of Baghdad, confirmed the approach of the security forces from the base of the continent military.
According to a ministry statement received (range Press) copy of it, that "the pieces Armored Division ninth counterterrorism managed to free the junction Sharqat area Tlul Alpag, and became close to Qayyarah military base."
The statement added that he "had been secured link road between the judicial Peggy Sharqat leading to the Nineveh province, which is the line supply will help the military units in the next editing operations," noting that "the security forces managed to free a number of subsidiaries to spend Sharqat and contributing to the villages in the maintenance of the land in addition to killing A large number of gangs Daash terrorist. "
The Salah al-Din Governorate Council announced on Wednesday, the liberation of hand northern Salahuddin (170 km north of Baghdad) from the control (Daash), while the provincial police confirmed the death of eight elements (Daash) repelled to organize an attack on the south of Sharqat village, north of the province .
The leadership of Salahuddin operations confirmed (on 23 June 2016), the continued liberalization Sharqat process and Qayyarah, according to set her plan, revealing editing many important villages in the north of the province, including the first block line to organize (Daash).
The military media cell announced, (the 18th of June 2016), direct the security forces to advance towards areas in the northern Salahuddin, its center of Tikrit city, south of Mosul (405 km north of Baghdad), to release it from the control of the organization (Daash), but operations temporarily stopped due to bad weather.