Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi said the Iraqi military said wrested full control of Fallujah from Daash group, paving the way for an attack on the city of Mosul.
He was Abadi speaks, on Sunday evening last, of Fallujah 's city center is surrounded by senior victors officers, and called on Iraqis to celebrate in the streets and paying tribute to the victory as a rare moment of national unity.
he said in a speech carried by the official channel, wearing the black uniforms of the military - type and waving a large flag , "this flag flying day in Fallujah, and God willing , Sarverw in Mosul."
Fallujah was the first big city fell into the hands Daash in 2014, and was a stronghold of the group and its command center for coordinating them suicide attacks against civilians in the capital , Baghdad. And seen as a test of the readiness of the biggest attack on the city of Mosul.
He acknowledged Col. Christopher Graver spokesman for the international coalition to declare Iraq victory in Fallujah, but said there are more than required the city to secure permanent work, where he said "Iraq 's military commanders declared fully liberalized Fallujah this day."
and continue the international coalition providing support through air strikes and intelligence and to provide advice and assistance to Iraqi forces in Fallujah and will continue to do so through purges studied. "
in the twenty - third of last May , the Iraqi government forces launched, with the support of the air strikes , the international coalition, an offensive to root out Daash of Fallujah . team Abdulwahab al - Saadi , commander of Iraqi counter - terrorism forces, said the 1800 Daash fighters were killed during the campaign , which lasted nearly five weeks. he said defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi said 90% of the city uninhabitable because of the relative speed of the fighting that prevented the widespread destruction.
he said Iraqi officials the mix of Iraqi forces - supported by the air strikes , the coalition - retook Fallujah Center, city strategic Avatar.
It is expected to be the return of Fallujah residents much easier than it was in Ramadi, Sinjar , which were hit by completely destroyed during the fighting, where liberalization Ramadi took five months since the start of operations on the surrounding area, as has been the battle to liberate Sinjar two phases over the whole year.
the already - Abadi announced edit Fallujah , although there remains some pockets Daash in the city, where he said on the seventeenth of June that the city "has returned to the embrace of the" after he secured the security forces position but continued to fight for another week to flush out militants from the northern areas. And celebrated a number of soldiers , the center of Fallujah after the military operations in which the completion of carrying the Iraqi flag.
The relatively rapid cleansing of Fallujah an important political victory for Ebadi as the leadership is facing unprecedented Shiite and Sunni political blocs challenge.
During the last month ordered Abadi attack Fallujah after protesters took to the streets Baghdad , demanding government reforms. The US officials would prefer that the government forces focused their efforts on the restoration of Mosul.
Adventure Abadi in Fallujah succeeded to a great extent, but it will rule in the end , on how the government will deal with the reconstruction of the city and re - population, according to a US official.
Fighting speed made ​​and aid agencies are struggling to serve the wave enormous of civilians fleeing from the city to the camps for displaced people nearby, where the United Nations said more than 85 thousand people have left Fallujah and its suburbs with their families who are in dire need of shelter, water and medical care amid sweltering summer temperatures.
The agencies warned relief from the city safe declaration of the return of the people, because the victories former military followed months of clearing areas of explosives and ammunition.
He says Nasser Mvlahi the Norwegian refugee Council , the director of "It 's too early to talk about the return of tens of thousands of civilians who have fled the city. We do not know of any safe areas and which are not safe, we need a comprehensive removal the minutes of the explosives in civilian areas and to assess the safe before allowing civilians to return. "