Called the Committee on Foreign parliamentary relations, on Tuesday, the Iraqi government to receive the deported citizens of the Gulf States and to welcome them , and especially the Bahraini citizen Timor Committee Karimi.oaattabrt be deported to Iraq indicates that the enjoyment of "democracy and human rights", and confirmed its intention to inquire from the State Department about the issue Karimi to keep Alarac.oukal Committee member Mithal al - Alusi, said in an interview to the (long - Presse), " the system of government in Iraq is characterized as a multi - party parliamentary policies and democratically," returned to "deport Gulf citizens of Iraq indicates that he enjoys the observance of human rights . " he called Alusi Iraqi government "to receive citizens who are excluded from the Gulf or any other country in the world in support of human rights and freedom of thought as a reminder that Iraqis already were refugees in the countries of the world , " adding that "Iraq welcomes Bahraini citizen deported" , stressing Committee member and head of the party the nation, the need to "turn away the government 's sectarian rhetoric in order to ensure greater credibility , " the to this, said committee member Samira al - Moussawi, said in an interview to the (long - Presse), " the Commission Ststvsr from the State Department about the reason for removal of the Bahraini citizen of Iraq after the toppling of his nationality . " usually it is necessary to "the existence of a legal basis to be sent to Iraq and coordination between the Bahraini authorities and the Embassy of Iraq in Manama."
the media Bahraini media revealed last Monday, deport Bahraini authorities attorney projected nationality Timor Karimi of the country, while the chosen one among the airports in Baghdad or Najaf , Iraqis, confirmed that Karimi arrived in Najaf coming from Dubai airport Alamaratne.ccant Bahrain 's Interior Ministry, decided in 2012 to drop the citizenship of 31 people, including a lawyer Timor Karimi, accusing him of residence "illegal" in the country according to the law of foreign immigration and residence and a fine of 100 dinars.