The joint forces managed to cleanse 80% of the western and southern axis of the city of Fallujah areas, killing dozens of elements Daash in with axes.
The head of the district council Khalidiya Ali Dawood, in an interview with (long - Presse), " The security forces have cleared more than 80% Allabsp of areas and Albu Alwan and Albu Hrat in the western and the southern hub of the city of Fallujah. " These areas are located between Fallujah and the island of Khalidiya. He pointed out local administrator to " the deaths of dozens of members of al - Daash and the bombing of four wheels bomb was intended to target the combat forces . " Said David , " The joint forces have made ​​significant progress in its military operations , " he expected to raise the Iraqi flag during the hours coming over government buildings in Mahuren.utaba chairman spend Khalidiya " the joint forces working to address the IED buildings bombs planted by the organization in the western and the southern sector of Fallujah, which controlled these areas for more than two years and a half." the Iraqi army and sought to the elimination of militants holed up in the organization Daash agricultural land to the west of Fallujah to prevent them from launching a counter - attack on the city a day after the government 's declaration of victory over the militant group there, as quoted by Reuters. An officer in the military operation that involved artillery pounded targets while troops tightened the noose on up to 150 insurgents in areas on the southern bank of the Euphrates River. And supported the air strikes of the US - led coalition operation. Gave restore Fallujah fresh impetus to the campaign for the restoration of Mosul , the second largest city in Iraq , which Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi pledged retrieved this year. He said Colonel Ahmed al - Saadi, who participated in the operation, he said that ground forces are moving cautiously to avoid bombs planted by insurgents on roads. He said al - Saadi "They have two options , either to surrender or be killed. We want to stop them from picking up their breath and not allow them to use car bombs to attack our forces." He added that eavesdropping on a wireless calls indicates that they are suffering from a shortage of ammunition and predicted Anksaarham soon. Officials said its fighters they showed little resistance in front of the Iraqi forces inside Fallujah earlier this month before A_itwa after he gave up some of their leaders for the fighting. said Captain Jeff Davis, a spokesman for the US Department of defense (Pentagon), he told reporters in Washington, said clearing Fallujah despite some completed and it is under Iraqi government control pockets of resistance. he said Davis "certainly know that there are still significant challenges they will encounter as they grow in a city filled with booby traps and improvised explosive devices." said US Secretary of defense Ashton Carter said in a statement that the Fallujah operation represented " a significant challenge to Iraqi security forces and the coalition" and that the task take care of the displaced population of Fallujah is still waiting. "It is also essential to the completion of the Iraqi government 's investigation for dealing with allegations of abuse of civilians." And surprised the rapid progress of the Iraqi army , many observers who expected a long battle for Fallujah , the Sunni insurgent stronghold, a theater group of the heaviest fighting in the US occupation of Iraq that took place in 2004 against al - Qaida. Fallujah was the platform for the bombings recently in and around the capital and the military campaign was partly aimed at denying insurgents safe haven nearby. And distributed control of Fallujah between the army and special forces to combat terrorism and the police. It also spreads into the city some of combatants belonging to Shi'ite factions who control areas on the outskirts of the city for months. Most of the central neighborhoods of Fallujah , which was in January 2014 the first city to fall into the grip of the organization quiet Daash while began to remove the bomb operations on the roads and in buildings. Military sources said that the organization planted many mines in the city and it is not easy to assess the scope of damage to infrastructure and property. And torched dozens of buildings which gave the government forces blamed on the militants. Officials estimate that 10 percent of Fallujah has been destroyed comparing it with gray and Sinjar , which restored the government last year , the organization, but they have suffered widespread destruction Alanchar.oukal spokesman for the governor of Anbar that most of the damage occurred in the industrial district south of the city, where the organization collects car bomb used in attacks on Baghdad. It is expected more than 85 thousand civilians have been displaced by the fighting in the last month to the camps set up by the government.