Federal Court decides the unconstitutionality of the two sessions of Parliament for the month of April

Number of readings: 11 Author: BAGHDAD - A fraternity Posted: Wednesday 29/06/2016
BAGHDAD - A fraternity

The Federal Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional two sessions of Council meetings, the House of Representatives on 14-4- 2016 and 26.04.2016.

The spokesman for the federal judiciary Judge Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar: The Federal Supreme Court heard the appeal the constitutionality of two sessions of the House of Representatives sessions held in the month of April suits.

He pointed out that the last term were freed Court to consider claims of the importance of the theme, and in deference to its edges and in recognition of the country's situation.

He said the court found that on the 26th of April hearing was unconstitutional, for the reasons you've listed in the meeting, which form the constitutional violations may not be taking their decisions, even if the present number of House of Representatives quorum.

Bayraktar said: As for the hearing on April 14, the court decided on a report of the expert as incomplete quorum due to the presence of 131 deputies, while making decisions subject to appeal before the court made its decision and therefore the unconstitutionality of this meeting.