Jubouri: the first of next July, the start of the third legislative term

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Said House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, on Tuesday, the start of the third legislative term of the parliament in the first of the month of July, noting that the twelfth of next month will hold the first session in this chapter, as he emphasized the determination of Parliament to proceed with the legislation of laws and decisions of "important."

Jubouri said in a press statement that "the Iraqi Council of Representatives to announce the start of the third legislative year in the first of July, it calls for gentlemen and ladies of Representatives to begin their legislative and supervisory duties", pointing out that it "will be the first plenary meeting held in this chapter on 12/7 / 2016 ".

He stressed Jubouri, that "the Council is determined to proceed with the legislation of laws and important decisions affecting the needs of citizens and touches their aspirations, as well as the determination of parliament, the focus of this legislative year on corrupt and negligent in the performance of accounting file whoever they are and the perpetrators of the dereliction and questioning realized Terms questioned executives of different their positions and responsibilities in the state. "

He said al-Jubouri, said: "This chapter will activate exceptional work of the committees, and will be displayed assess the offerer for its performance soon in order to ensure her best performance and contributes to the result in the service of the citizen", calling on the government to "interest in affairs of the service, particularly in the electricity issue."