CBI officials were manipulating the dollar and paid 300,000 dollars a day !!

03:14 PM

Iraq today , Revealed Omrakihaleom reports Tuesday that the Iraqi Central Bank hired a number of American advisers, fearing the collapse of the economic situation in Iraq and the deterioration of the financial situation of the bank, pointing to the existence of staff carrying out manipulation dollar affected the local economy in general.

Reports said the American advisers mission to find innovative ways to finance the province on the economic situation of the collapse, at the same time revealed that reports to the governor of the bank, on the Keywords, the existence of a number of employees does not exceed the number ten manipulated by subtracting the dollar in the Iraqi market.

She added that the manipulators are pumping the dollar depending on their willingness and advance planning in terms of the increase in the dollar raised or decrease the local market, stressing that these employees are paid sums of up to $ 1300 per day.

The governor of the Central Bank of Iraq 'Keywords' that the current deficit in the 2016 budget represents a significant challenge to the central bank and that the presence of government spending is based revenue means more cash versions and thus damage the Iraq policy of monetary and pointed out that there is an urgent need for specialized foreign companies from in order to remedy the chaos. http://translate.google.com/translat....faceiraq.com/