[Oan- up] announced that the Turkish prime minister, Ben Ali Yildirim, to reach an agreement to normalize relations with Iraq and Egypt.
He spoke Yildirim, in an interview with Channel [TRT] Turkish state that "Ankara seeks to normalize relations with Iraq and Egypt , " stressing that his country " is working on one track with all Iraqi parties without discrimination and stand deduced from sectarian politics."
He welcomed Turkish Prime Minister, appointed Iraq new ambassador to Ankara, saying it is a positive step.
in the same context Yıldırım stressed that the resumption of relations with Cairo would be at the level of ministerial representation and economic aspects between the two countries.
experiencing the Iraqi relations - Turkish tension years ago and escalated after the entry of Turkish troops at camp Ba'shiqah near Mosul despite He refused to claim the Iraqi government withdrawal for violating the sovereignty of Iraq , and it came without asking him, which denies Ankara says its forces have entered the approval of the request of Iraqis.
The Turkish Prime Minister, Ben Ali Yildirim, has announced an agreement to normalize relations between Turkey and Israel, pointing to the existence of three things Achtrttha Ankara during the negotiations, pointing out that the agreement will be submitted to the Turkish parliament in the next three days.