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It revealed the governor of Dhi Qar in southern Iraq Yahia Nasseri, Monday, an agreement with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to open a special financial accounts governorates in order to complete the process of transfer of powers from the federal ministries to local governments.
He said the Nazarene that "the most prominent points of interest that have been processed in the regular meeting of the Supreme Commission for coordination between the provinces which was held recently in Najaf is approved to open financial accounts to the provinces irregular province pertaining to operational and investment Almoisntin to the provinces," he said, adding that the participants the meeting voted unanimously to this resolution, pointing out that the Council of Ministers will be under that address the Ministry of Finance to work its content.+
He said the governor of Dhi Qar to the importance of open financial accounts in the completion of the transfer of financial and administrative powers of the federal ministries to local governments, according to the law of governorates not organized in a region number action (21) of 2008, as amended.
He was the governor of Dhi Qar, he had participated in the work of the regular meeting of the Supreme Commission for coordination between the provinces of Najaf, which was held in the day (Wednesday 22 Huzeizan 2016) and chaired by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.
The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi confirmed, earlier, to move forward with the support decentralized management to assist in the advancement of provincial powers broadly, noting that the relationship between the federal government and other Kurdistan region and the provinces defined by the Constitution, and each of these parties a clear mandate and specific.
The article (45) of the second amendment to the law of governorates not organized in a region Law No. (21) of 2008 voted by parliament in its meeting held in the (23 June 2013), states that "A commission named (the Supreme Commission for Coordination between provinces) headed by the Prime Minister, and the membership of ministers (of municipalities and public Works, and construction and housing, labor and social affairs, education, health, planning, agriculture, finance, sports and youth) and Minister of State for provincial Affairs, governors and heads of provincial councils holds the "transfer of sub-circuits and devices and functions and services and specialties practiced by those ministries with allocated public budget and staff and personnel allocations to the provinces within the scope of its functions set out in the Constitution and relevant laws gradually and within a time limit not exceeding two years and remains the role of ministries in planning policy.