Twilight News / announced Sidekan administration in the province of Erbil province of Kurdistan, about the return of families that fled the day before yesterday from the villages after the bombing, which came to him by Iranian artillery, pointing to the formation of a committee to record the damage suffered by the villagers.
Said the director of Karwan Karim Khan in a press statement seen by Twilight News, that the situation in the border area quiet Kalnt yesterday and stopped about Iranian artillery shelling, pointing out that the people displaced from bombing the day before yesterday returned to their homes today.
He added that yesterday's bombing has caused fires in 600 acres of natural bush and grasslands of the people of the area, pointing out to get a big material damage to vineyards and fruit orchards in the area.
He said a committee set up in order to guess the damage suffered by the villagers for the purpose of compensating them later.