Twilight News / media reported military cell on Tuesday that the terrorist organization Daash oldest on the execution of five young men who Icomn education configurable to enter the security forces to eliminate Sharqat northern city of Tikrit, local capital of the province of Salahuddin.
Quoted cell in a statement responded to the Twilight News, intelligence sources for the elements Daash "new crime" through the execution of five young Sharqat, four of whom were sons of Fine clan and one of the military district.
The statement added that those executed were Athagafon citizens configurable to cooperate with the security and crowd the pieces clan in the event of Sharqat liberalization and the entry of the security cuts to the city.
The Joint Special Operations Command has announced the beginning of last week for the start of military operations to liberate areas in northern Salahuddin and the southern city of Mosul from the control of the terrorist organization Daash.