Ebadi presides over a meeting of the crisis cell

PM: 07: 53: 27/06/2016

Khandan - chaired by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi on Monday a meeting of the crisis cell, where she discussed the cell topics on the agenda.

A statement issued by the Information Office of Ebadi, he said in terms of public debt, decided cell "start paying the internal debt and develop a plan in this regard and work to postpone installments Paris Club until the completion of Iraq 's obligations under the standby credit arrangements. "

As the cell briefed on" payments to contractors and farmers ' actions and has taken a series of measures to ensure speed up payment. "

She cell" lending to industrial, agricultural and residential projects , procedures and briefed on the progress of work after the start lending operations and the actual importance of the definition of this project for citizens who wish to borrow and its positive effect on the economic situation. "

It was decided during the meeting" speed regardless of social protection network allocations by the Ministry of Finance. "

The emphasis was placed on speeding up" funding allocations needed to sustain electric power projects after the improvement of processing for citizens and continued to work for the continuation of the citizens better equipped. "