The agreement with al-Abadi to open financial accounts to the provinces to complement the transfer of powers

06/27/2016 12:47

Dhi Qar / tomorrow Press: announced the governor of Dhi Qar, Yahia Nasseri, Monday, reaching an agreement with the prime minister during the last meeting of the Coordinating Body between the provinces spend to open a private budget each governorate financial accounts.

He said the Nazarene, in a statement , "tomorrow Press received" copy He, that "Dhi Qar province , was among the voters to open accounts and operational investment Moisntin to the provinces."

He explained that "this action came during a regular meeting of the Supreme Commission for coordination between the provinces which was held recently in Najaf."

He added that "Based on the agreement, the Council of Ministers will address the Ministry of Finance to work its content for the purpose of completing the process of transfer of powers from the federal ministries to local governments."