Council of Maysan, announced on Sunday, the existence of 11 new investment opportunity to maintain, while between it concern the sectors of industry, agriculture, electricity, Youth and Sports, accused the local authorities of blocking investment and threatened to expose them.
The Chairman of the Investment Committee in the province of Maysan, Mohammed Hilfi, in an interview to (long - Presse), " The investment Maysan body launched 11 new investment opportunity for the recovery of the economic reality of the governorate , " pointing out that "one of the new opportunities include plant Maysan paper stalled work for lack of seriousness of the government Ptohelh and return to work, the other four related to the agricultural sector, and another ministry youth and Sports, and chances to invest Pacific plant vegetable oils and plant sugar and ranch and two chances for the establishment of two swimming pools , sports hall integrated, as well as another opportunity to build a power station with a capacity of 750 MW. "
Hilfi added that" the provincial council and the Investment Commission of Maysan facilitated a lot of private investors and legal red tape, " noting that "Maysan marked for other provinces to allocate specific investment projects ground to encourage investors to work in it ."
He accused Hilfi, governmental entities "influential" in the province, to "impede investment wheel in various ways and means , " and threatened that " the Council will have to uncover those bodies and help her of employees. " It is
noteworthy that the province of Maysan, its city of Amarah, (390 km south of Baghdad), witnessing the implementation of many of the investment, including residential lighthouse compound and complex pearl of Maysan, by Lebanese companies and venture Cork tourist Hotel five - star , which is implemented by a Turkish company and others, because of its security stability.
the Council of Maysan province, announced Wednesday (May 4, 2016), the readiness of the province to the opening of Cork tourist Hotel through next July, the largest hotel in the province and promised, as he emphasized his intention to announce new investment package various sectors.
He complained Iraqi investors, the monopoly of foreign companies, especially Turkish, Iranian and Egyptian vast majority of jobs and projects what forced them to share or transfer their money abroad, as promised by official bodies that the investment map and put in order the country 's reconstruction and development , depending on the capacity and efficiency regardless of the nationality company executing the project, attributed the reasons for the preference of foreign companies to the modesty of the financial and technical capabilities of the Iraqi counterparts.