Baghdad} Euphrates News General Company for Grain Trade at the Ministry of Commerce announced the launch of three trains loaded with more than three thousand tons of wheat from the Canadian port of Umm Qasraly the company's branches in the provinces of Dhi Qar, Samawa and Diwaniya.
The director of the General Company for Grain Trade branch in Umm Qasr Mahdi Assi Al Mansouri said in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today, " The train arrived in the provinces mentioned , and initiated a process of discharge last Friday, adding that there are three other trains started to download wheat allocated to Babil province. "
he noted that" the company gave priority to transport by train in support of the national carrier of the public company Railway iron one of the Ministry of transport companies according to what has been signed in the last decade between the two ministries. "
he said the " transportation by train has several features comes in the forefront of speed in loading and quantity charged on the train , equivalent to 20 trucks weighing 50 tons afternoon , a quick access not affect the transport routes is not subject to delay entry to the provinces as well as the rail transport gives us the flexibility and speed in unloading ships set for the country to support the ration card items. "
said Director of the company 's branch in Diwaniya province gesture as "unloaded train B1000 tons of wheat bearing Canadian according stomach distribution of the Department of Marketing plan and the arrival of trucks in turn was a record Tfrighoboguet in addition to the receipt of the silo Nasiriyah , a train loaded with wheat Canada on Thursday upon arrival to the Granaries began technical personnel unloading process." is over