Free Event / S.o .. Oil prices continued to trend downward, which it ended last week's trading following the announcement of the result of a referendum on British exit from the European Union and the resulting sharp drop in the world's major market indices.
Oil prices lost nearly 5 percent of their value Friday.
Oil prices began the week on Monday morning in Asia is low, as the price of benchmark Brent crude to $ 48.26 a barrel.
And reached US light crude to $ 47.39 a barrel.
However investors feared the continued market turmoil shy away from risks, and longer oil futures now with a reasonable risk in light of expectations of declining global demand as the economy slows more in energy-consuming countries.+
The price of oil has started to recover since February after it plunged to the lowest level by the beginning of the year.
The declining trend began in the summer of 2014 when oil prices were at about $ 120 a barrel, reached earlier this year to around $ 30 a barrel, before returning to around $ 50 a barrel recently.