Twilight News / demanded the prime minister in the Kurdistan Region in communication with Iran and Turkey for an immediate halt to the shelling that targeted the border areas of the province, calling also on all parties to not to use the land territory a springboard for attacks on neighboring province of Kurdistan states, referring to the Democratic Party of Kurdistan Iranian opposition to the Tehran regime, the PKK opposition to the regime in Ankara.
The Presidency of the Government of the Territory in a communiqué posted on its website, said that "the border areas of Kurdistan suffered during the past few days to bombing runs by both the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Turkish government, which resulted in the wounding and injuring a number of citizens of the Kurdistan region," indicating he was "forced from behind, dozens of residents of border villages to leave their homes, along with dozens of others from leaving herders and farmers pasture and crops and serious damage to farmlands and livestock to the citizens and environment of the province of Kurdistan. "
Kurdistan Regional Government, and expressed in the text of the statement was "concerned about causing this damage," asking "Both of the two Islamic Republic of Iran and Turkey immediate cessation of shelling border areas in the Kurdistan region."
She stressed that the government of the Kurdistan region, "policy with neighboring countries stable and committed to the friendship and neighborliness and international laws to protect the security of the borders of neighboring countries and to work in order to disseminate the policy of security and lasting peace for the people of the Kurdistan region and the Iranian and Turkish peoples and the peoples of the region."
The provincial government announced its "dismay over the use of land and the borders of the Kurdistan Region springboard for armed attacks and causing damage to neighboring countries of the region of Kurdistan by the opposition Islamic Republic of Iran and the PKK."
And it demanded that the Kurdistan Regional Government, "All these parties not to use the territory of the Kurdistan region to launch attacks on neighboring countries of the region of Kurdistan, and respect the security and stability of the citizens of the Kurdistan region and abide by the laws agreed between the Kurdistan region and neighboring countries and friendly relations existing between them."
And always bombed Turkish fighter jets and artillery Iranian army border areas in the Kurdistan region of Iraq Ivraah exhibitions targeting the regime in Ankara, the PKK, the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the opposition to the regime in Tehran.