Twilight News MPs in the Iraqi parliament Haider Moly Serwa Abdul Wahid / said on Monday they had noticed a recent release of the attitudes and confusion evident on the Iraqi Media Network, the work, while they expressed their rejection of this matter, stressed at the same time that the network have a Bill of the House of Representatives recently and can not be Lay, deputy or parliamentary bloc or any political party interference network affairs.
The MPs said in a joint statement that "the relevant committee, the Committee for Culture, Media and is concerned with the parliamentary follow-up and monitor the performance of professional network and a committee charged with dealing with that."
And across all MPs Astgrabhma which they called "the attack which comes in conjunction with recent reforms in the network and which I have clearly upset some of these reforms and the moderate discourse and the great support of our security forces from the army, police and Albeshmrگh popular crowd."
And asking "all political people and the masses of non-interference in the affairs of the network for personal reasons, partisan or sectarian," noting that "the network is governed by the law regulating its work and we are moving toward a real change process according to the law recently passed."
He called on MPs "Everybody supported the national media aimed to serve the ultimate goal of our battle fateful direction terrorist cliques and categorically reject the quota system in this important institution, which represents all shades of the Iraqi people as we're going to correct any defect accompanied the work of the network through the controls set by the new law of the network."
He expressed the hope that the Iraqi judiciary resolve the appeals against the law of the network file so that we in the Committee on Culture and Information to exercise our role on the supervisory work of the network according to the law.