Rearing Karbala smartcard issuance staff calls in selected centres

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Rearing Karbala smartcard issuance staff calls in selected centres

The General Directorate announced to raise Holy Karbala on Sunday, initiating the process of issuing smart card for affiliates under an agreement between the Directorate and the international company for ironing card card.

The professor said to keep the company's Regional Director of educational media that issuing the card needs three grounds (civil status identity card, accommodation, tariff identity issued by the Directorate of education for employees and educators) and in the absence of Government or force identity, Hafez said the possibility of compensation to the employee or support educational book even if you collect more than one book on the same circuit or school or Department.

This version has smart card price of ten thousand dinars to change employee can register any complaint or condition contrary to found in our centers scattered in the county or general conflict and its environs alluding to that company had the eight centers open until now three centers: two in toirig and the other in the General Directorate for conservation and breeding working for opening the remaining centres this week after Ramadan to absorb more than 25 thousand affiliated ranged between employee and teacher, teacher. "The release process could take two or three months and will extend the period if needed to complete the Setup.

Noting that the company issue rate (100) daily card (6) minutes per card despite limited only to the broader plan would be after holy month explaining that actions taken in the process of issuing the card included taking electronic IRIS and fingerprint and footprint in the records for the purpose of documenting names. "