[Oan- Baghdad] Parliament Speaker Salim al - emphasized the importance of planning for the post - Daash terrorist gangs and the importance of building and reconstruction.

A statement by his office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that al - Jubouri , "met on Saturday evening crowd included elders and notables of the families of the province of Kirkuk, and accept the audience for House Speaker what ails their wallets from breaches in security aspects, demanding the security forces of the importance of maintaining the sanctity of mosques and not leaving it currently ongoing threats, also emphasized the need to open safe corridors for displaced people so as not to be vulnerable to gangs Daash. "
the President of the parliament that" the importance of planning for the next stage and beyond the demise of Daash after the liberation of areas, "stressing that" this stage which should be everyone 's participation to build a project of the same country. "
as al - Jubouri said that" there are participants with us to build this country and all within the privacy that complement your social diversity of every individual, "he said , adding" it is not still say that the treatment of dysfunction vision of a comprehensive national, and the order of priority, and the transition from deeds to words , to ensure the desired success. "