The phenomenon of corruption rampant oddly in most countries of the world, particularly in Arab countries , "we primarily concern us." Three trillion dollars is the extent of corruption in the Arab world in the past years, it was possible to fit the case and the circumstances and raise income and achieve self - sufficiency in food, clothing and the fight against poverty, as in the World Bank study, the per capita income more than tripled in the least corrupt countries than in most corrupt and these trillions were capable of providing 20 million jobs for young people and job seekers. When owns 10 percent of Arab citizens , 80 percent of the capabilities of the State and has the rest who are the majority of the 20 percent remaining, this situation is not necessarily paid to the accumulation of discontent that leads to an explosion , and this is what happened indeed , in most Arab countries. Yes , the bourgeoisie , the spread of feudalism modern forms, and the emergence of feudal lords and capitalists countries and new Alantvaian thieves wealth and climbers on the shoulders of others, and the increased inflation of money in the hands of a small group of people a problem, and the arrival of some of the administrative and governmental centers double and unfair and unjust criteria as standards of personal interests and the courtesies of social, tribal and hypocrisy it is in the like - minded at the expense of those who are deserving and worthy in the Arab and Muslim worlds, is a direct result of what is called the corruption of political and economic power of states and governments are run, so this international phenomenon intercontinental begins at home, in other words, is the balance of the imbalance in the same state structure and regulations of administrative, economic, social and cultural Interior.
corruption is defined as taking money unjustly unjustly and often this corruption is the misuse of the power of the ruling elites of bribery, nepotism, embezzlement, influence peddling and management of state resources in order to serve their interests and Btanthm those elites and shared some of the corrupt people is also a creature of public corruption in exploiting administrative position in terms of spend Hawwaij people with bribes and the violation of working hours to serve the ambitions and receiving a salary he does not deserve this and its predecessor known as the financial and administrative corruption and to criminalize this act in most states and drafted laws that ensure deter the perpetrators of such acts.
If the transparency organizations are looking at corruption in the countries of the world do not find difficulties or remember where you find some of them, they are available recent years have extensive knowledge of transparency in corruption in some of them since, especially in the Arab world. Transparency is not a whale of corruption on their own, but through the biography of the corruption that has become a landmark title for the judgment and transparent to the point of authorization by name and address.
According to data from Transparency International, showed the report , which was issued last May, under the title of "People and corruption ... a survey of the Middle East and North Africa , " the 61 percent of the citizens of these countries believe that the severity of corruption increased in 2015, while he saw 15 percent of the respondents, that corruption unit last year fell, and 19 percent think that corruption remained at levels last year without change. The report revealed that about 92 percent of Lebanese and 84 percent of Yemenis and 75 percent of Jordanians, 70 percent of Palestinians and 64 percent of Tunisians and 61 percent of Sudanese and 51 percent of Algerians and 28 percent of Egyptians and 26 percent of Moroccans, that the severity of corruption increased in their country from last year. the
report pointed out that 50 million people in the Middle East and North Africa, resorted to paying bribes to achieve their goals, no one out of every three individuals. The report revealed that 34 percent of men in those countries had paid bribes in the past year, compared to 26 percent of women. He said 68 percent of respondents in the Arab countries if their governments that perform poorly to fight corruption.
In an earlier report of Transparency International, released late the first month of 2016 studied the cases of corruption in 168 countries around the world. Arab World countries enjoyed by clear where. Especially those that live political turmoil, according to its terms, which occupied the six Arab states of the most corrupt and meet the standards of transparency. And that the list of the top 10 countries on the Transparency Index did not include a single Arab state, as well as the list of the ten most corrupt countries including four Arab countries : Libya, Iraq, Sudan and Somalia. Transparency International rely 0.100 degrees scale, the lower the degree of any State of the rates or rates of acceptance of this scale, shown on the nature or extent of corruption in that country, as well as benefit from the subjective criteria of several, including the judicial systems of corruption information, and freedom of the press and the impact of corruption government them, as it has built a specimen compound depends on several international organizations reports, including the organization Freedom House report, which carries Nations in Transit address, Nations in moments of transformation, self IHS global Insight, the global analytical report of the Organization of IHS, the annual analytical report magazine , the Economist, and the report of the World risk PRS guide international Country risk guide, and the report of the international justice project, World justice project ROL and the report of the World Bank, and other international reports.
showed the last report, which was announced by the organization, for the members of the Arab League , the 21 on the average estimate of 35 degrees 100 degrees, where these results represent a warning against the abuse of power and secret dealings and bribery actress pests chronic damage the economies of countries in various parts of the world.
that means most of the Arab countries failed to achieve any progress in the late arranged on the ladder of the annual report of transparency international on the corruption Perceptions index the world in the public decision.