BAGHDAD / new evidence called an MP for the Union of Forces to meet with the pink, to solve the popular crowd and transform the elements «consistent» with the military controls the ministries of interior and defense, and accounting elements «offensive», as pointed out that Iran has «its project in Iraq» and called for grants Sabhan «opportunity» and described Soleimani as «enhanced the rivalry» . She said pink in a press meeting that «edit Fallujah operation was the desire of political Anbar and who asked the government to expedite the process of liberalization of Fallujah after the city fell in a strange way , however , totals Daash more than two years and impose siege on civilians and we wish to speed up the process of liberalization of Fallujah and its people from groups Daash. »
the« reality that in the early days it appeared some of the violations and abuses by elements of the popular crowd and we objected to it because these behaviors deformation victories and remove to savor, but the process of entering Fallujah city center It was perfect as a result of the participation of the fight against terrorism a gold band and the army official forces
».« the Save safe outlets for the exit of civilians from Fallujah , although Daash prevented and there are certain areas have taken them in Khalidiya and Amiriyah smoothly and checked people 's attitudes and released innocent of this and frankly , we 're not talking about violations if there are no documents and video clips in minutes. »