Taleb Lebanese Information Minister, Ramsey Gregg, on Saturday, the return of displaced Syrians to their country, pointing out that the Syrian displacement is a burden on Lebanon.

The Lebanese minister said in a press statement yesterday that " the Syrian displacement burden on Lebanon and should be on the displaced to return home when conditions allow and even if they continued their existence, it will not affect the unity of the Lebanese territory, and the commitment of the Lebanese in Lebanon without splitting or resettlement, and this is enshrined in the Constitution , "adding that" no international will in this context. " in response to a question about the election law was considered Greg that "it is difficult to agree on an election law , " calling "to seek a compromise, combination of the election on the majoritarian and proportional Base Act, a solution acceptable" solution. he explained that " the elections will inevitably be under the pressure of public opinion, if not agree on the new law could take place under the sixty - law, and the possibility of any extension of . " for the election of the President of the Republic of Greg" The March 14 team is aware of the risks of continuing the presidential vacancy, and all its demands to speed up the election of a president who is a priority and a key to the rest of the solutions he said. " he continued:" if the Secretary General of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah, in a hurry to elect a president to respond to the proposal of Prime Minister Hariri, but failure to do so means that it is not in a hurry. " The former Prime Minister Saad al - Hariri has been nominated MP Suleiman Franjieh , who belongs to the team March 8 for the presidency, but most of the team March 8 is still boycotting election of the president of the Republic of sessions.