Roudao - Erbil said the Future Movement leader and former head of the Lebanese government, Saad Hariri, said that "Iran is causing the creation of dissent and discord in the Arab countries."
He said Hariri during a breakfast on Saturday night in Tripoli , northern Lebanon: "There is not an Arab one yard infiltrated Iran. either through money or parties or the clergy or the Revolutionary Guards, however , and its share of dissent and discord and conflicts sectarian. " He said the future Movement leader said:" We in Lebanon are required to protect our common and our livelihood. " and Abizaid Hariri:" We are not in Lebanon, we will not be , echo as determined by Qassem Soleimani, commander of the Quds Force of Iran 's Revolutionary Guard Corps, in the region and calls that launched the rebellion and campfire in Bahrain and elsewhere. " he said:" Suffice it falls on us from the ravages of the situation in Syria, and enough Shiite brothers especially insist on transfer of war to the war, it is a tragedy to tragedy. " he added that" as we are concerned in Lebanon is to stop pouring oil on the fire of sedition and stop blind policy of interfering in the internal affairs of States brotherly and root out hatred that target by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. " stressing that" Iran Hezbollah is funded in Lebanon, and the crowd popular in Iraq and the Houthis in Yemen and the opposition in Bahrain, and financed the killing of innocents in Syria, and blasting operations in Kuwait and tools chaos in Qatif and groups sectarian in Sudan, Egypt, Algeria, simply means, Iran financed discord in the Arab world. " former Lebanese prime minister also pointed out that " the most important project remains the re - growth and advancement of the economy that benefits all of Lebanon in all its regions, and that the state and its institutions return to normal work product, the key is elected President of the Republic."