War: all grades proxy holders do not deserve salary grade allocation

Dated: 26/06/2016 Sunday 3:43
Follow-up / Iraq today

Confirmed the legal expert Tareq Harb, he said that the decision of the Ministry of Finance on 23/06/2016 appoint banks acting directors, correct decision constitutionally and legally correct, since these appointment and the appointment of the predecessors of those with special grades was acting, and receive them and their predecessors salary and allowances of the previous degree and not salary and allowances for a year and the bank manager while viewing their names on the parliament and the parliament's approval on the appointment in accordance with the provisions of Article 5/61 and 5/80 Article of the Constitution,

That "includes the appointment by proxy and deprivation of the salary of the special class allocation is not only those, but all those with special grades who were hired on 15/10/2005 and to date,

the day of the referendum on the constitution and the application of its provisions, and that includes the score for the agent of the Ministry and the Inspector General and consultant and independent bodies and general manager and others is the level of these functional class or receive a salary, and their allocations and those numbering in the thousands, both of whom were service offline or referred them to retire, ie the maturity of the salary will be after the parliamentary vote and was formerly appointment to the approval of parliament, "

he said the war "the appointment shall be on the basis of what he deserves from the salary and allowances to the owner of the agency in a special class, which was the disposal of his former pre-employment or salary and allowances of the grade they deserve on the basis of testimony and functional class, but just get parliamentary approval distract his salary and allowances for the degree to which he was appointed in other words that the appointment does not mean charging the salary and allowances, but parliamentary approval entails payment of salary and allowances of the special class, "notes the war by saying about this topic,"

the constitutional and legal system of Iraq introduced this rule in the Constitution of 2005, so I did not pay attention to the application of the people of the financial Affairs both in the Ministry of Finance or the retirement body or in other government agencies the legal Iraqi constitutional system did not know the approval of the legislature on the employee's appointment of a special degree in the monarchy and the era of the first Republic,

the Republic of Abdel-Karim Kassem in 1958, and the Republic of the second Republic of the Baathists in 1963, and the third Republic of the Republic of brothers Aref 1964, the Republic of pristine and Saddam in 1968, and the period of (the rule of primer) and the reign of Ayad Allawi and until 15/10/2005, the day the new constitution application income,

and the fact that the Constitution not only mention this rule, but stressed it in two places, because it was considered parliament approval of the owners of grades own powers granted to him in accordance with Article 61 / V of the Constitution, and also considered the duties of the Council of Ministers in accordance with 80 / Fifth Article of the Constitution. " He concluded his talk of war by saying,

"The application of this constitutional provision from the Ministry of Finance will provide the billions of dollars we do not say of dinars and this is a serious issue was necessary attention to them since 15.10.2005 and applied to all those with special grades who are currently in service and retiring,

so that parliamentary approval was granted to some members of the independent bodies and some ambassadors did not give all the special grades owners who paid the salary and allowances of the agents Ministries,

experts and advisers, inspectors and directors of two years, and we see that the subject requires the intervention of the integrity Commission and the legal and Finance Committee and the integrity Committee in the parliament,

in addition to the Ministry of Finance and public pension body that you should ask each retiree was treated promote pensions or are promoted it seeks approval as a necessary part and the duty treatment of pensions.