The participation of the public and private sectors serving economic model 6-25
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Thread: The participation of the public and private sectors serving economic model 6-25

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    The participation of the public and private sectors serving economic model 6-25

    The participation of the public and private sectors serving economic model

    6/26/2016 0:00

    BAGHDAD - Imad Emirate

    confirmed economist d. Ahmed Omar al- Rawi of the Center for Arab and International Studies at the University of Mustansiriya: to look at the state of the private sector is still marginal being lacks some of the elements of growth, particularly the diversified financial resources.

    He said al- Rawi said in an interview »Sabah» that restrict the activity of the private sector measures and laws are complex did not have the the ability to develop and grow, the size and prevented from making use of the opportunity to achieve capital accumulation, and thus economic system grew need to cooperate , and the correlation between private business and the public.

    and: that the Iraqi private sector co - existence on the central economic activity, and did not have, at this stage, any role in the management of growth and movement in the country , but minimal in relation to the construction industry, construction and services.

    in spite of that , there are some indicators that are worth mentioning in some aspects of development indirectly, but these indicators did not last long because of the war and its consequences and circumstances through which the country now.

    He narrator, to the need to break the sharing restrictions between private business and the public, and the country transformed from dominant to participate in the management of economic activity.

    narrator stressed that the partnership between the private and public sector will serve the right economic model for Iraq, in order to attain progress and maximize the economic and social well - being Maittalb strategies to adopt in the budgets of the next years , where oil revenues optimally invest to achieve economic and social development in Iraq through the activation of partnership with the private sector in the implementation of development projects and the strengthening of economic activity to ensure optimal use of resources , particularly in creating employment opportunities for the labor force and to reduce unemployment and to maximize the real level of economic growth.

    He noted the need to make the infrastructure of the tasks and priorities of public investment in order to create the basic necessities for development, especially in the areas of transportation, energy and roads destroyed by the wars , the ongoing military operations.

    He said the narrator, after the year 2003 , the measures taken have been held more which made ​​it easier to achieve a desired growth and was the first reason is the absence of economic philosophy in how to manage the national economy, where the policies and legislation taken intersect with the opening of the economy and stimulate the private sector, as legislation to invest 13 Act of 2006 , which the intersection with the bureaucratic and financial and administrative corruption, as well as the employment of resources Finance in operating expenses , which exceeded 70 percent of the general budget allocations.

    He concluded the narrator at the end of his speech to say: the need to remove support gratuitous and guidance disadvantaged groups , which still account for more than 20 percent of Iraq 's population, calling for attention to housing projects to achieve a decent life for members of the community social and psychological stability and large segments of the society and recovered from the difficult conditions experienced by the


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    Re: The participation of the public and private sectors serving economic model 6-25

    Great find.

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