Citizen» regrets the delay in the Federal Court to decide Bgelsta Parliament

6/26/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Omar Abdel Latif

expressed citizen 's bloc in the House of Representatives regrets the delay by the Federal Court to issue its decision on the two sessions of the House of Representatives on 14 and April 26 so far , which led to the work of Parliament crashes and the enactment of important laws, while «Reform Front» rejected the accusations against her of causing to stagger the work of the House and not to take place since the suspension attend the meetings.

He said the mass citizen member Salim Chawki, in an interview with «morning», that the dispute Parliament is clearly visible through a number of things , including unable to attend the Presidency either for an emergency or something out of the will as well as the lack of discipline of some MPs and the lack of a quorum present.

He said Shawki said quorum it was evident in two sessions on 14 and April 26 through expert circles media and parliamentary and legal report in addition to the parliamentary legal committee, either the powers in relation to the hearing on April 26 was available in order to keep functioning and not to influence them, especially that the meeting witnessed the events of a big mess by objectors of Representatives , prompting the rest of the House of Representatives to move into the other room, and not to allow objectors Login to avoid cause havoc again.

He said Shawki the delay and red tape and asked discount secondment standard procedure experts in the course of regular sessions of Iraqi courts, but if the hearing concerning the legislative power first in the country in light of the suffering of the security situation and economic Hrgen was supposed to be resolved quickly , especially the conviction that through the evidence available to resolve the issue.

And saw a member of the citizen Bloc that the court wants , but the diagnosis by them but by others whose decision shall be based on this diagnosis until the furrows on it, expressing his regret for that and see that the court should have a greater role and is supposed to be the highest point of the state as a look at problems that arise between the federal government or the three branches of government or with the region. For its part, rejected by the House of Representatives of the «Front reform» Firdaus al - Awadi , the accusations leveled permanently to the front as the reason disrupt the work of parliament.

She said Al - Awadi, in an interview with «morning», said the Federal Court decision will be a watershed for both sides, but if delayed decision more than on June 28 , I think it 's not the front interest to stay away from parliament.

confirmed al - Awadi , rejected the charges leveled permanently to the front as the causative in the work of the parliament crashes, noting that the number of members of the front reform 100 deputy and members of the House of Representatives 328 deputies, that is to say 228 deputies after County deputies Front reform can achieve a quorum in the session because they represent more than two - thirds of the parliament, but they did not meet or discuss or vote on interest to the people the laws over the past period, pointing out that the Front reform pending the Federal Court 's decision , which will decide the fate of the sessions during the the next phase.